Our self-levelling system ensures coatings for industrial floors with excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, impermeability to oil and aggressive agents and invulnerability to frequent washing. This type of coating also bestow a good aesthetic effect.

Fields of use

Coating of industrial flooring with medium-heavy traffic where the first requirement is a smooth surface: trilateral forklift aisles, warehouses, storage areas, pedestrian zones and forklift transit, schools, offices, trade fair districts, show-room.

Performance and advantages

  • Smooth effect
  • Safe for the environment because it does not contain any solventsLong-lasting because it is characterised by a highly resistance to the wear and abrasion due to constant walking and frequent washing
  • Resistant to the majority of chemical agents like diluted acids, bases, oils and fuels
  • Thanks to its excellent aesthetic characteristics, it is very suitable also in areas used for trade fairs
  • Easily washable, sanitizable, decontaminable and therefore very indicated for the food industry, mainly in the areas for medium traffic
  • It allows obtaining unbroken and level surfaces with an excellent aesthetic aspect and high functional characteristics
  • Quick application
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio

Cleaning and maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance increase the durability of the treated floor, improve its aesthetic aspect and reduce the tendency to retain dirty. In general, the floorings made with this system are easily washable with neutral or alkaline detergents diluted in water in concentrations of 5 to 10%. Detergents and equipment for cleaning resin floors are easily available on the market.