A monolithic floor produced using a multilayer system and ceramic quartz with superimposable colours and shadings can provide customizable and inimitable nuances for remarkable aesthetic effects and excellent tensile strength and resistance to chemicals and wear.

Indicated for the civil, commercial and management sector.

Fields of use

The non-porous multilayer ceramic quartz floor is suitable for places where the requirements are excellent tensile strength and resistance to chemicals and wear, easy decontamination and maintenance, with unique and customizable chromatic effects due to quartz sow. Thickness functional to usage from 3 mm to 7 mm.
Short laying time even on already existing floors.
The coating of any bumps shall be evaluated according to different design and structural situations. The surfaces to be coated shall be intact, firm, clean, dry and previously roughened with suitable equipment.

Performance and advantages

This product is a must where you need a flooring as follows:

  • Executed in a short time even on already existing floors
  • Anti-slip
  • Waterproof and antidust
  • Wear-resistant to rolling mechanical stresses
  • Chemically resistant to the majority of basic and acid products in solution
  • Monolithic without bumps
  • Compliant with EEC rules
  • Class 1 fire reaction