Self-levelling system that provides anti-static conductive industrial floors with elevated chemical and mechanical resistance, impermeability to water, corrosive agentsand liquids in general, and resistance to frequent washing. This coating also bestow a good aesthetic effect.


  • Width: equal or superior to 2 mm
  • Undercoat type: concrete, gres, klinker, sand-cement.
  • Undercoat preparation: shot peening/grinding
  • Mechanical resistances: medium-high

Fields of use

Coating of industrial flooring with medium traffic where the first requirement is a smooth antistatic conductive surface, easy to wash and clean, antidust, in environments where it is necessary to monitor the build-up of electrostatic charges for purposes of machined goods protection, for example electronic industry or safety warehouses for inflammable substances and wherever a conductive antistatic coating is needed.

This type of floor is particularly indicated for:

  • Hospital clean-rooms
  • Warehouses or environments for inflammable or explosive substances processing Pharmaceutical industries
  • Data processing centres

Performance and advantages

Smooth effect, easy to wash and clean

  • Can be coloured on the site
  • Impermeable to water
  • Electrically conductive, electrostatic charges can be discharged to earth connection
  • Long-lasting because it is characterised by a highly resistance to the wear and abrasion due to constant walking and frequent washing
  • Resistant to the majority of chemical agents like diluted acids, bases, oils and fuels
  • Antidust
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sanitizable
  • It allows obtaining unbroken and level surfaces with an excellent aesthetic aspect and high functional characteristics
  • Quick application and ready-to-use
  • It guarantees an excellent cost-performance ratio

Chemical resistances

This epoxy flooring system is resistant to:

  • diluted mineral acids like: hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric and sulphuric acid while its resistance is moderate to acids
  • alkali, including sodium hydroxide at 50% concentration and detergents normally used for floor cleaning, even at 20-30% concentrations, provided that they don’t contain any abrasive grains
  • saline solutions in general
  • oils, lubricants and fuels in general

Electrical conductivity

This type of coating stops the formation and build-up of electrostatic charges: thanks to the special formulation and conductive fibres contained in the superficial layers it allow current discharges to the nearest earth connection without spark formation in compliance with sector-specific rules on people and goods safety and safeguard in electronic, chemical, hospital and inflammable or explosive substances industries etc.

Cleaning and maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance increase the durability of the treated floor, improve its aesthetic aspect and reduce the tendency to retain dirty. In general, the floorings made with this system are easily washable with neutral or alkaline detergents diluted in water in concentrations of 5 to 10%. Detergents and equipment for cleaning resin floors are easily available on the market. Our Technical Support is always at your disposal for any explanation.