This tri-component polyurethane-cement based mortar with high chemical and mechanical resistance is indicated for the coating of industrial floors subjected to medium-heavy traffic and elevated chemical corrosion with thickness in the range of 3 to 6 mm. Compliant with standards for food-grade use.


  • Width: from 6 to 15 mm (generally 8-10 mm)
  • Undercoat type: concrete, gres, klinker.
  • Undercoat preparation: shot peening/scarification
  • Mechanical resistances: very high

Fields of use

  • Floor coatings in chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Floor coatings in food processing industries
  • Floor coatings in wineries, breweries, beverage industries

Performance and advantages

  • It delivers unbroken coatings with thickness in the range of 3 to 6 mm characterised by high chemical resistance to acids, bases, oils, lubricants, saline solutions, hydrocarbons etc.
  • Applied with a 6 mm thickness it is characterised by thermal shock resistance up to +70°C (e.g. washing with hot water)
  • Thanks to its high mechanical and abrasion resistance, it is suited for flooring subjected to heavy traffic
  • The coatings are easy to clean, with optional smooth or non-slip rough finishing