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This type of painting consists of a epoxy system that provides a smooth, monochrome effect that can be used to coat industrial floors with good chemical resistance, excellent impermeability to oils and emulsions, elevated resistance to frequent washing and the wear caused by pedestrian and light lift truck traffic. These coatings also vaunt a prestigious aesthetic effect.


  • Width: 200-300 µm (0,2/0,3 mm)
  • Undercoat type: intact and clean concrete.
  • Undercoat preparation: sanding/grinding
  • Mechanical resistances: medium-low

Fields of use

Coating of industrial flooring with light traffic, like warehouses, storage areas, garages, pedestrian and fork lift zones. The cycle is not suited to areas with heavy traffic or strong dynamic punching as the coating does not confer major mechanical resistances to the support.

This epoxy system for painting is used in:

  • chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in storage areas;
  • sterile rooms, laboratories and hospitals, in storage areas and contiguous areas;
  • mechanized warehouses, in areas under shelving;
  • commercial centres, in areas for pedestrian traffic and goods storage;
  • food processing industries, in storage and light traffic areas;
  • aseptic rooms, in storage areas.

Performance and advantages

  • Smooth effect
  • Long-lasting because it is characterised by a highly resistance to the wear and abrasion due to constant walking and frequent washing
  • Resistant to the majority of chemical agents like diluted acids, bases, oils and fuels
  • Easily washable, sanitizable, decontaminable and therefore very indicated in areas with pedestrian and medium-light traffic
  • It allows obtaining unbroken and level surfaces with an excellent aesthetic aspect and high functional characteristics
  • It guarantees an excellent cost-performance ratio.

Chemical resistances

Floors coated with this system resist to:

  • diluted mineral acids like: hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric and sulphuric acid while its resistance is moderate to acids
  • alkali, including sodium hydroxide at 50% concentration and detergents normally used for floor cleaning, even at 2030% concentrations, provided that they don’t contain any abrasive grains
  • sugars, also for frequent contacts
  • mineral oils, diesel fuel, kerosene and petrol.

Floors coated with this epoxy system are not suited to high temperature exposure because their thickness is under 1 mm. The maximum operating temperature of the system is +40°C.