Milling | Pavimart


What it is - Milling

Milling is the process of scratching the surface to be treated at a variable depth according to needs using a dust-free closed loop milling machine. The result of milling varies with context and equipment. Pavimart uses machines with different operating width that allow the management of wide spaces and the reach of angles and interstices. Milling is basically a less incisive scarification.

When and why - Milling

Milling is performed to lower the floor’s depth, to decontaminate areas imbued with oil, grease or other contaminants, to reconstitute slightly deformed surfaces and to restore correct water drainage.

Applications - Milling

Civil, industrial, naval, airport and road sector.

Milling is typically used:

  • In civil and industrial areas to remove old screed or deteriorated flooring in industrial warehouses, sports centres, fitness centres, covered parking areas
  • To scarify drainage channels or flat raceways to level or reclaim and then re qualify floorings contaminated by glue residues and tiles
  • In road maintenance to remove width sections of road surface and to lay pipes or cables
  • To create traffic islands, restyle pavements, remove horizontal marking