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Shot peening

What it is - Shot peening

Shot peening is the main and most used technique in surface preparation.

It is a forefront system for surface preparations based on the principle of sandblasting, but it uses metallic grit instead of sand. The abrasive material is propelled over a turbine, impacts on the surface and comes back because of the rebound combined with the action of an intake system. The abrasive grit is cleaned inside the machine and recycled while the removed material is channelled into its own intake system. The process is completely dry, without the use of water, chemical agents or solvents, it does not disperse dusts in the environment and the surface is immediately cleaned, dry and ready for use.

The shot peening degree depends on different elements that can be controlled by the operator: the type of metallic abrasive used, its dimensions, quality and feed speed set by the operator during processing. Configuring all these elements allows to obtain different effects and results that vary according to circumstances.

When and why - Shot peening

Shot peening permits to obtain perfectly treated surfaces even when cracks, joints, bumps, and declivities are present.

Shot peening is used in different ways in different fields as required by the latter.

It is mostly adopted to ensure the optimum adherence of the new coating. Pavimart Srl always chooses the most suitable shot peening machine from its range of different models taking account of local conditions.

Applications - Shot peening

Industrial, naval, airport, road sector.

In general, shot peening helps to restore the surface texture for:

  • Horizontal marking removal
  • Rubber removal from airport runways to restore adherence and grip
  • Non-slip treatment
  • Cleaning of squares, cobbled surfaces, stone pavement etc.
  • Anticorrosion strategy, for example in the naval sector
  • Floor preparation and maintenance and wall/side treatment